leverage cloud architectures for high availability


What are considered best practices?

The accompanying is a rundown of best practices as far as giving HA in the cloud. It isn’t totally complete, however it might likewise apply, to a lesser degree, to server farm models also.

Circulating burden balancers crosswise over Ads, be careful with single purpose of disappointment (SPOF) in the design: two is one and one is none

In the event that the cloud supplier isn’t giving excess crosswise over Ads and no less than three duplicates of similar information consequently, it might be a smart thought to reconsider the supplier choice, or examine an administration that does as such

Simple to get in, simple to get out: it is important to have the sureness that in the event that it ends up primordial to move or divert administrations, it is conceivable to do as such with least exertion

Actualizing additional observing and measurements frameworks if conceivable, also great mix: likewise if conceivable, off-the-rack, through outsiders that can accommodate auspicious alarms and rich symptomatic data. Stages, for example, New Relic, or occurrence devices, for example, PagerDuty, can be to a great degree profitable

Keeping the design formed, and in IaaC (foundation as code) frame: if a whole locale leaves, it will be conceivable to produce the whole administration in an alternate area, or even an alternate cloud, if information has been reproduced and DNS administrations are flexible